Meet Daisy.

The go-to solution for your next DSP project. Build complex effects, massive loopers, and powerful sound sources on a single board.

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Companies that use Daisy

From Kickstarter successes, to award winning music gear, Daisy is the engine behind some of the industry’s most innovative and powerful music tech today.

Daisy in Education

Teaching the engineers of tomorrow the potential of embedded processing in design and application.

Design, manufacture, distribute, and market your product to the world. All under one roof.

Electro-Distro is a global manufacturer and distributor of boutique instruments and effects based in Southern California. With a distribution network containing the most prominent synthesizer brands and resellers in the world, Electro-Distro products are at the forefront of the market.

In addition to distribution and order fulfillment, we provide complete manufacturing services, contract engineering, and media production. This provides a one stop shop for customers looking to expand their operations. And everything is backed by our uncompromising standard of excellence that customers have to come to know us by.

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From SMT production, enclosure milling and printing, to testing and final assembly. Your product can be completely produced under one roof.


Electro-Distro is here to bring your audio brand from the shop to the world, with a large global network of music retailers, from mom and pop brick and mortars to the Amazons of the music industry.


Have an incredible idea for a new piece of music gear, but need help bringing it to fruition? Or, perhaps you don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with the expanding demand for your brand’s products? Our on-staff, full-time design team is here to tackle any aspect of your project, or take it on completely

Media Production

A finished product is only the beginning. At Electro-Distro, we have the resources and expertise to help get your product the notoriety it deserves in the market. Our media productions services cover the entire marketing process, providing assets where you need them, or running fully fledged marketing campaigns for your product.